Happy New Year!


Can’t believe it’s 2012!  Looking forward to the new year.  Hope we have some scrappin’ great times!

Love you all very much and miss you!



Fall Retreat!


Looking forward to fall retreat.  Got my “stretchy” pants loaded in the overnight bag!  Elizabeth will be with me Friday night…don’t let me forget to pick her up from school Friday!  She DOES NOT want to go to her dad’s Saturday…so I’ll have to find something for her to do!  Pray!!

I’m was a little concerned about our t-shirts.  Image-Ink did let me know they had a machine down and had to order a part.  Kevin told me he would make the deadline…which is Thursday!

I missed cropping with the CH girls this weekend.  We have been so busy with work and school and just life in general…I just really needed a day to re-group.  I’m good…not depressed…just needed a day to myself.  I missed all of you!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!  I’m looking forward to the weekend!

Michaels in BG!!


I was in the Michael’s store at Rivergate on Thursday.  I asked about the deal falling through for a Michael’s store in BG.  The lady told me that was on the FRONT Burner again!  She said they have a lot of people come in from BG asking when BG will get a store!

I hope soon!

I’ve been working on Halloween things today for next weekend!  Looking forward to the H’ween themed crop next weekend at the CH!

Have a great day!



I’ve been working on T-shirts today.  I think I’ll go with the SB trends are clever but SB friends are forever.

Below that I’m going to add a “add as friend” button…sorta like Face book has..with some embelisment of some sort…

What do you think?